Manufacturer Wholesale Inventory Lists (downloads)

These are inventory lists from our manufacturers in Japan. Not all products from the following lists are uploaded to our website, if you want to order anything from the lists or have any questions, please send email to

Please note: these are Japanese version. 


2021 August - New Products Update:

Nagaien 永井園 - daifuku, chiffon, cookies, mochi

Ise ebi products 伊勢海老等商品目録表 - different flavour crispy pies (lobster, shrimp, red wine, milk, red beans...) 

2021 May - New Products Update

Hongoshimai First Class Rice 

2021 Kinjoseika 1 - Baumkuchen, madeleine, manju, bouchee

2021 Kinjoseika 2 - Jelly

2021 Kinjoseika 3 - Pudding jelly, jelly gift sets

2021 Kinjoseika 4 - Jelly gift sets, pudding gift sets, jelly and cookie gift sets

2021 Kinjoseika 5 - Jelly and Madeleine sets, madeleine and baumkuchen sets, pudding and baumkuchen sets, madeleine and baumkuchen sets

2021 Kinjoseika 6 - Baumkuchen madeleine monaka pudding yokan cookie sets

Marusan Products - Florentine biscuits, steamed cakes, manju, cream puffs, cookies



株式会社タナベ Tanabe - mochi, cookies, candies, cakes

湯気屋 Yugeya - waffle cookies, pie, jello

永井園 Nagaien - mochi, chiffon cakes, cookies

株式会社タナベ Tanabe - full product lists - sweets and savoury

明治 Meiji - Mount Fuji yokan jelly

丸三 Marusan - choco cookies, manju, chiffon cakes

丸三 Marusan - florentine steamed cakes, cream puff, cookies, manju

上尾 梅幸堂 Ageo Baikoudou - konpei candy, jelly, wasanbon candy

三栄商事 Saneishoji - konpeito candies

エスポワール商品 Espoir - cheesecakes, cheese cookies

東鋒貿易 Tohoboeki - roll cakes (whole cake)

東鋒貿易 Tohoboeki - roll cakes (6 cake pieces)

東鋒貿易 Tohoboeki - candies and mochi

さくらシフォンケーキ、まんじゅう、もち Sakura series - mochi, manju, chiffon cakes (Jan to Feb only)

永井園 Nagaien - Daifuku, chiffon cakes, cookies

くまモン&歌舞伎あん巻き Kumamon & Kabuki - roll cakes (whole cake)

くまモン Kumanmon - roll cakes

金城製菓 Kinjoseika - candies, yokan jelly, roll cakes, cookies, kombu

ISOPPU - roll cakes

GIFT sets (kids) - chiffon cakes, animal print cookies

三栄商事 京菓子 Saneishoji Kyogashi - kyoto style Japanese sweets