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AKAI BOHSHI Luxury Gift Sets - Gold Box 66pcs (12 Sets)

AKAI BOHSHI Luxury Gift Sets - Gold Box 66pcs (12 Sets)

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Content: 12 sets

One set has 66 pieces.

One set size and weight: 36.1×29.5×7.1cm ; 594g

12 x white chocolate balls
5 x nutberry hearts
8 x vanilla almonds
5 x chocolate crunches
9 x milk rolls
4 x strawberry cookies
4 x chocolate cookies
3 x caramel chocolate sandwiches
5 x red hats
5 x florentine cookies
2 x brownies
4 x white chocolate almonds

Expiration: 270 days (9 months)
Storage method: Please store away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (domestic production), chocolate, butter, sugar, liquid eggs, almonds, margarine, powdered sugar, shortening, malt sugar, starch, cream, milk candy, honey, wafers (wheat flour, glutinous flour, waxy corn starch, etc.), fiantine ( Wheat flour, sugar, fructose-glucose liquid sugar, shortening, butter, etc.), chocolate spread B, walnuts, processed dried strawberry products, oligosaccharides, sweetened milk, dextrin, edible oils and fats, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, dried eggs, oatmeal, Foods made from milk or dairy products, pistachio, salt, orange paste, cocoa butter, lemon juice, pumpkin powder, raspberry chips, non-fat milk powder, lactose, sugar mixed isomerized liquid sugar / trehalose, processed starch, emulsifier, fragrance , Colorants (red beet, caramel, anato, carotene), swelling agents, acidulants, vitamin C, thickening polysaccharides, pH adjusters, antioxidants (vitamin E), (some wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, Includes peanuts, almonds, oranges, walnuts and soybeans)

* This product manufacturing factory produces products containing shrimp among specified raw materials.
* Because honey is used, do not give to infants under 1 year old.

Amazon | 赤い帽子 ゴールド 594g | 赤い帽子 | ビスケット・クッキー 通販

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