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Anpanman Snacks Assortment 50 Bags

Anpanman Snacks Assortment 50 Bags

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Super cute Anpanman snacks collection!! Perfect gift for kids, perfect size snacks for school and work!

Content: 50 bags of Anpanman snacks

Contents may vary depends on stock. 

Ingredients: please scroll down to the bottom of this page. 


[Anpanman's oyasai senbei]
Uruchi Rice(domestic), vegetable oil, starch, dietary fiber(inulin), salt, vegetable powder(spinach, onion, carrot, tomato, pumpkin, corn), fermented seasonings(including wheat), glucose, protein hydrolyzate(soybean, corn, kurodai, etc.), yeast extract, powdered soy sauce(including wheat and soybean), garlic powder・(including soy), chicken powder(including milk), cheese powder, black pepper, brown sugar, cocoa powder, dextrin, paprika pigment

[Anpanman no Gessen]
Uruchi rice(produced in the United States and domestically), vegetable oil, sugar, starch, soy sauce(including wheat and soybean), honey, fructo・oligosaccharides, brewed seasonings, yeast extract, dextrin, seafood extract (sardines, etc.), red pepper, reduced starch syrup, processed starch, caramel pigment

[Anpanman's Okome ball]
Rice flour (domestic), sugar, condensed milk powder, gelatin, trehalose, shellfish calcium

[Anpanman soft senbei]
Uruchi Rice (domestic), vegetable oil, sugar, starch, powdered soy oil (including wheat and soybean), table salt, fructo・oligosaccharides

[That's it! Anpanman caramel corn]
Corn grits(not genetically modified), vegetable fats, sugar, margarine, sweetened goodwill, salt/sorbitol, whey calcined CA, caramel pigments, flavorings, (some contain milk ingredients and soybeans))

[That's it! Anpanman fluffy corn]
Corn grits (non-GMO), vegetable oils and fats, sweetcorn powder, salt, pumpkin powder, onion powder, vegetable juice powder, protein hydrolyzate, eggshell unrefined CA, flavorings, emulsifiers, sweeteners (sucralose), seasonings (amino acids), (some of the ingredients include wheat and soy)

[That's it! Anpanman pukujaga]
Dried potatoes(not genetically modified), vegetable oil, corn powder(not genetically modified), shortening, sugar, starch, salt, butter oil, onion powder, carrot extract powder, dextrin, flour, cabbage powder, celery extract powder, powdered soy sauce, chicken extract powder, beet extract powder, spinach extract powder, lettuce extract powder, parsley extract powder, watercress extract powder, modified starch, trehalose, emulsifier, CA chloride, lactic acid CA, perfume, caramel pigment, seasoning(amino acid, etc.), antioxidant(vitamin E, tea extract)

[Fujiya anpan mangumi]
Sugar, gelatin, concentrated juice (grapes, apples, oranges), starch, vegetable oil/sorbitol, acidulant, flavoring, colorants (anthocyanins, red koji, carotenoids, Gardenia), Cha extract, emulsifier, brightener

[Anpanman mini mini Ramune]
Glucose, starch / emulsifier, acidulant, flavoring, eggshell calcium, colorants (grape pigment, carotenoid, safflower yellow, Gardenia), Cha extract

[Anpanman hitokuchi biscuit]
Flour, vegetable oil, sugar, butter, pumpkin powder, carrot paste, whole milk powder, concentrated apple juice, milk, salt, shellfish calcium, leavening agent, flavoring agent, vitamin E, Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin D
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