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Maple Ice Wine Candy 90g

Maple Ice Wine Candy 90g

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Discover the luxurious fusion of flavors with our Pure Canadian Maple Ice Wine Candy. Crafted from 100% pure maple syrup and exquisite ice wine, each candy offers a uniquely decadent taste experience.

Ice wine, a rare and exquisite treasure, is made from grapes left on the vine until after the first frost. These grapes are harvested and pressed while still frozen, yielding a concentrated juice rich in acids, sugars, and aromatics. This unique process results in a wine with a luxurious flavor that perfectly complements the natural sweetness of pure maple syrup. Enjoy a taste of Canada with every bite of our pure Canadian Maple Ice Wine Candy.

Content: 100% pure maple ice wine candies, individually wrapped. 

Quantity: around 15 pieces.

Weight: 90g

Size : 20 x 12 x 2cm

Ingredients: ice wine, 100% pure maple syrup

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