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[Wholesale] Rilakkuma Condensed Milk Strawberry Jam Filled Gummy 40g (96 bags)

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Content: 8 bags x 12 boxes

1 bag size: 16 x 11 x 1 cm

1 bag weight: 40g

Ingredients: starch syrup, sugar, maltose, gelatin, sweetened condensed milk, powder wafer, strawberry concentrated juice / sorbitol, powdered cellulose, acidulant, gelling agent (pectin), brightener, fragrance, red radish pigment, emulsifier
Expiration date: 12 months
 Storage method: Please avoid storing in direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity.

Factory of this product also manufactures products containing wheat, eggs, milk, oranges, kiwifruit, soybeans, bananas, thighs, and apples.

*If stored in direct sunlight, gelatin may melt and adhere or deform due to high temperature.

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