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Edo Kiriko Crystal Wind Chime

Edo Kiriko Crystal Wind Chime

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【Product Features】
Indulge in the luxurious sound of this wind chime, crafted from the finest crystal glass Edo Kiriko material. Meticulously designed with traditional techniques and refined to complement modern tastes, this piece is a true masterpiece that appeals to all five senses.

Expertly assembled with delicate washi paper strips, sparkling glass beads, and supple leather cords, it exudes an air of sophistication and elegance.

Experience the refined beauty of this exquisite wind chime, which was awarded the prestigious Gold Award at the Attractive Japanese Souvenir Contest in 2008 and the highly coveted Japan Tourism Agency Chairman's Award at the National Recommended Tourist Souvenir Evaluation Committee.

Furthermore, the master Edo Kiriko craftsman Kenji Kumakura was honored with an award from the Governor of Tokyo at the Tokyo Traditional Crafts Successor Exhibition. This is an exceptional piece that is sure to captivate even the most discerning and affluent customers.

【Size】 Available in two colours: Blue, Gold Red

Overall length of the wind chime (including the clapper) is about 30cm.

The wind chime body has a diameter of 6cm and a height of 5.5cm

・Paulownia box Width: 14.5cm, Height: 9cm, Length: 9cm

【Accessories】 One spare Japanese paper strip for the clapper

 江戸切子風鈴 風鈴 彩り硝子工芸 通販|Creema(クリーマ)


Product history:

  • The beginning of Edo Kiriko: In the late Edo period, Kaga-ya Kyubei and others, who operated a glass bead wholesaler in Edo Daidenmachi, began cutting glass using diamond dust, creating what is now known as "Edo Kiriko."
  • Glass products in the Edo period: Kaga-ya Kyubei's catalog at the time introduced many glass products, including tableware, scientific instruments, everyday items, and goldfish bowls. This shows that the glass product industry was thriving in the Edo period.
  • Edo Kiriko craftsmanship: The history and techniques developed during this time have been passed down as "Edo Kiriko" to the present day. Many Edo Kiriko craftsmen have gathered in the Sumida area of Tokyo, and the unique sound of cutting glass could be heard in the downtown area, evoking the atmosphere of old Edo.
  • Sensitivity to light: Japanese people have long been skilled at handling light and shadows, especially natural light. They have a keen sense of sensitivity, allowing them to soften the sunlight by using eaves or paper sliding doors and bring it into a room. Edo Kiriko is filled with techniques that can only be achieved by knowing how light works, such as refracting light in deep grooves, gathering thin lines to create a reflective effect, and creating a cloudy glass-like appearance to soften light.
  • Our Edo Kiriko wind chime: In our store, we created the first Edo Kiriko wind chime in the history of Edo Kiriko. It started as an experiment, cutting off the glass part of a wine glass with a broken foot, drilling a hole in the bottom, and hanging it as a wind chime in our workshop. A customer saw it and said, "I want that!" and placed an order. Since then, we have been using sake cups to create our wind chimes, selecting materials with the best sound quality. Crystal glass has a good refractive index for light, and this wind chime sparkles in the summer sunlight, providing a soothing accent to the season. It can also be used as interior decor for your room throughout the year.


In the summer, it is fine to hang the wind chime on the eaves and enjoy its sound, but you can also hang it on a dedicated stand indoors. One of the unique features of this wind chime is that it can be used as an interior decoration regardless of the season, which was not possible with traditional wind chimes. Its sound and sparkle will add color to your daily life.

  1. Please handle with care as it is made of glass, and occasionally check the leather string and other parts.
  2. If you use it outdoors, it may be dangerous to leave it out during strong winds or if it falls, so please bring it indoors.
  3. Avoid using it outdoors on tall buildings as it can cause accidents.
  4. Please note that it is not a toy for children. Also, please wipe the main body of the wind chime with a soft cloth from time to time to keep it clean. The main body can be removed and washed with water.
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