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Edo Kiriko - Homura Ryuuri

Edo Kiriko - Homura Ryuuri

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Edo Kiriko is a traditional Japanese craft of cutting patterns into glassware, originating from Edo (now Tokyo) in the 19th century. The intricate patterns, often inspired by nature and Japanese motifs, are cut by skilled artisans using special cutting wheels. The resulting glassware is not only beautiful but also functional, with the cuts enhancing the texture and grip of the glass.

"Homura" is designed with the image of flickering flames. The "Flames" is engraved with cuts that flow gently like strong flames that won't go out even when blown by wind.

The top features fine cuts of the traditional Edo Kiriko pattern "Kiku-tsugibun" (chrysanthemum-shaped cuts) for good luck. In contrast, the bottom has deep and powerful cuts, giving the impression that the flame is born from the bottom when viewed from above.

It is a masterpiece with vibrant colors and dynamic cuts that stand out on the vivid glass. The "Flames" was created with a unique sensibility that pursues self-expression, breaking free from the concepts of traditional Edo Kiriko. Enjoy a quiet and exquisite drink while admiring the shining crystal glass and flickering flames.

Diameter: 8.4cm   Height: 9cm

Capacity: 260ml (capacity up to the brim)

Weight: 320g

Material: Crystal glass

Edo Kiriko Craftsman: Yoshihiro Mitamura

Country of origin: Japan (Tokyo)

*Please note that since each product is handmade, there may be slight differences in color 




Care Instruction:

  • To clean the product, soak it in warm water with neutral dishwashing liquid and wash it gently with a sponge or soft cloth.
  • If the gloss becomes dull, soak it in diluted bleach for a few minutes and then rinse it thoroughly.
  • For stubborn dirt, soak it in a diluted detergent solution with salt, vinegar, or lemon juice for a while.
  • Use a soft brush for the cut surface and do not rub it with a scrubbing brush or other hard materials.
  • Do not use a dishwasher or drying machine to clean the product.
  • Do not use a microwave oven to heat the product.
  • Do not stack tumblers or cups, as they may break or get stuck.
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