Japan Post Tracking Guide

Japan Post Tracking System Guide

This article aims to help you understand the tracking system of Japan Post and the meaning of each delivery status.


  • Posting/Collection.

This means your package has been picked up by Japan Post. In our case, as the postal service picks up the parcel from one of our warehouses, the date and time are automatically recorded. (If the tracking page is blank, it means that even though your parcel has been assembled, it has not been picked up by Japan Post yet. )


  • Arrival at outward office of exchange.

This means your package has arrived at the corresponding airport in Japan and will be sent on

the next flight.


  • Dispatch from outward office of exchange.

    Your package has been shipped by plane and is currently en route to your country. The tracking information will be updated again when the package arrives in your country.

    Note: Some countries has no direct flights from Japan. In this case, your package may go through multiple countries/states to arrive, depending on the final destination. The tracking will not be updated until it arrives in your country.

It is normal that the tracking does not update for several days during this stage.


This is the most important stage and it takes the longest time in the delivery of the package. Since in this stage your package has already left Japan we cannot intervene in the delivery. We highly recommend that you wait patiently for your package to arrive in your country. When it arrives in your country the package should be registered and the tracking should be updated automatically.


  • Arrival at inward office of exchange.

    This means that your package has arrived in your country. The inward office in your country has received and registered your parcel (depending on the speed of your local postal services, the status may not be updated until later). From this stage, all questions and queries you have regarding the status of your package should be made with your local post office.


  • Item presented to import customs.

    All countries have different custom laws, so we do not have detailed information on all customs processes. If your package is presented to customs they may try to contact you through the phone number you provided, please keep an eye out for any phone calls during this time.


  • Item returned from import customs

    Your package has left customs successfully and it’s on its way to your nearest post office. If your shipping status is updated to retention, please contact your local post office as soon as possible.


  • Departure from the Inward Office of Exchange” or “Departure from the internal delivery office”.

    This means your package is on its way to your nearest post office. Sometimes it may take a while for your package to be sorted for shipment.


  • Processing at delivery Post Office” or “Processing at the shipping post office”.

    This means that your local post office is getting ready to ship your package. The duration of this process depends on the speed of the local post service in your country.


  • Final delivery.

    This means your package has arrived at the address you provided.


    *If the tracking says that your package has arrived, but you didn’t receive it, do not panic. First, check if the post office left any pick-up notice, if they did, please go to the address listed on the pick-up notice to pick up your package.


    *If you didn’t find any pick-up notice, ask your family members or those who live with you if they collected the package for you while you were absent.


    * Check your mailbox, backyard, front door, back door etc. If you live in a condo/apartment building, ask security/concierge whether they’ve collected it for you. If you still haven’t been able to find it, please contact your local post office.