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Anmitsu Agar Jelly Mixed Fruit Bowl with Black and White Syrup 6pcs Set

Anmitsu Agar Jelly Mixed Fruit Bowl with Black and White Syrup 6pcs Set

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Anmitsu is a traditional Japanese dessert that typically consists of small cubes of agar jelly, sweet azuki bean paste, various fruits, and boiled peas served in a bowl with syrup. It is often enjoyed as a refreshing and light dessert during the hot summer months in Japan. Sometimes ice cream, mochi, and shiratama dango are added as toppings.

Agar jelly fruit bowl with red bean paste and syrup has long been enjoyed by Japanese people in the local Japanese café. We have tailored the flavor of the Nihonbashi main store's café to be used as a gift, using red bean paste made with Hokkaido-grown adzuki beans and brown sugar syrup made with Okinawa-grown black sugar, which goes perfectly with the smooth texture of agar. We value the flavor of the ingredients.

Content: black syrup fruit bowl x 4, white syrup fruit bowl x 2

Each bowl has one mixed fruit bowl, one red bean paste packet, one syrup packet.

Expiration: 181 days

Storage method: Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

[Agar jelly and mixed fruit bowl] White sugar (manufactured in Japan), grape syrup, white peach syrup, yellow peach syrup, La France syrup, mandarin orange syrup, pineapple syrup, red peas, cherry syrup, powdered agar/acidifier, Gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), calcium lactate, antioxidant (V.C), coloring (lac)

[Azuki red bean paste] Granulated sugar (manufactured in Japan), azuki red bean paste (adzuki beans produced in Hokkaido), reduced starch syrup, agar

[Black syrup] Granulated sugar (manufactured in Japan), brown sugar (sugar cane (produced in Okinawa prefecture), brown sugar, starch syrup

[White syrup]
Granulated sugar (manufactured in Japan), starch syrup


Open the agar jelly and fruit bowl.IMG_3212.jpg

Add syrup.IMG_3214.jpg

Add red bean paste.IMG_3216.jpg


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