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Cute Japanese Baby Wild Boar Shaped Milk Butter Manju 10pcs (2 Sets for $100/ 5 Sets for $175 / 10 Sets for $300)

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These manju are designed in the shape of the baby boar "Uribo" who lives in Hakone. Two cute facial expressions will be found on manju - happy and sad! The milk butter taste is irresistible for sweet lovers! 

One set has 10 pieces. 

Expiration: 135 days.

One set size: 25.5 x 15 ×4 cm

One set weight: 390 g

Ingredients: White bean paste, sugar, maltose, flour, chicken eggs, cream (dairy products), margarine, starch syrup, vegetable oils (including soybeans), butter / bleaching agent (sulfate), swelling agent, fragrance, emulsifier, carotene pigment, ( Some include wheat, dairy ingredients, eggs, and soybeans)