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Japanese Waraku Two-Seater Sofa (Luxurious Velvet-style × Vertical Quilt)

Japanese Waraku Two-Seater Sofa (Luxurious Velvet-style × Vertical Quilt)

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Sofa Leg

We take pride in our MADE IN JAPAN furnitures, where the designer's vision and the artisan's skills shine through.

Content: Two seater sofa, sofa legs

Colours: smoky pink/pearl white/almond green/light gray/greige

Made in Japan


    Frame Material: Steel Pipe

    Cushion Material: Molded Urethane

    Coil Springs


    Width 130 × Depth 73.5 × Height 50.5 cm

    When fully flat: Width 168 × Depth 108.5 cm

    • These measurements are without the legs attached.
    • The height of the legs is approximately 15 cm. 
    • There may be slight variations in measurements due to manufacturing and measurement methods.

    Velvet texture with vertical quilting.

    Using a luxurious velvet-like fabric and adding vertical quilting as a highlight.

    Creating a mature and sophisticated cuteness. 

    Equipped with pocketed coils for durability and premium comfort.

    We've incorporated pocketed coils, which are also used in high-end sofas and mattress, ensuring durability and providing a premium level of comfort for the sofa. 

    We manufacture the pocketed coils in-house too.

    We take pride in producing the pocketed coils that are used in our sofas in-house. 

    With approximately 30,000 shots manufactured daily, you can use them with confidence. 

    Adjust to your preferred angle with 14 reclining positions.

    We've paid attention to both aesthetics and comfort. The armrests and backrest feature a 14-gear mechanism from a Japanese manufacturer, allowing you to adjust your preferred angle. 

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