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Nekomonyaka Japanese Traditional Candies and Red Bean Monaka Dessert Set

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Content: Two monaka filled with kanten jelly candy and wasanbon candy, two monaka filled with red bean, one cat bell shaped marshmallow (yuzu flavour). 

(the monaka shell is made of rice crisps)

Size and Weight: 15.6 x 12.4 x 3.4 cm; 200 g

Expiration: 120 days

Ingredients: (1) Nekomonyaka / Sugar, glutinous rice, starch syrup, Wasanbon sugar, egg white, agar, scrap powder, cold plum powder, fragrance, coloring (red 3, red 102, red 106, blue 1, yellow 4)  (2) Bean paste / small beans, sugar, starch syrup, syrup (3) Suzuho Rui / starch syrup, sugar, egg white, agar, syrup, fragrance, coloring (red 3, red 102, blue 1, yellow Four)

ねこもにゃか を食べてみた口コミは?販売店舗や通販・カロリー・値段・賞味期限や日持ちのまとめ - OMIYA!(おみや) 日本のお土産情報サイト