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Nihonbashi Japan Bridge Condensed Milk Flavour Manju Luxury Gift Set 18pcs (3 sets for $250)

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The outside is made from egg, butter and condensed milk, filled with milk flavour white bean paste.

Expiration: 60 days

Weight: 800g

Box size:  35.3cm × 24cm × 4.5cm

Ingredients: Foods made mainly from granulated sugar, white syrup, reduced water candy, sweetened egg yolk (including eggs), sweetened condensed milk, butter (domestic production), wheat flour, liquid eggs, white sugar, butter, milk, etc., sweetened condensed milk , Honey, vegetable oil / trehalose, swelling agent, emulsifier (including soybeans), fragrance, colorant (V.B2)
[Specific raw materials (allergy indication)] Wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans (recommended)