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Samurai Bottle Helmet - "Date Masamune"

Samurai Bottle Helmet - "Date Masamune"

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Date Masamune, a powerful warlord who boasted the greatest influence in the Tohoku region during the Warring States period. The renowned golden crescent moon crest, shining as if to symbolize his ambitions, strongly characterizes this piece.

Size: H 14cm / W 14cm / D 9cm
Material: Brass, Aluminum, and others

Method of Attachment
Align the concave portion on the inside of the helmet with the lid of the bottle and place it over.

Included with the item is a specially crafted acrylic pedestal suitable for decorative purposes. Meticulously packaged in a custom paulownia wood box crafted by skilled artisans, we will deliver your order with utmost care.

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日本酒にかぶせたいぞ!名だたる戦国武将がモチーフの兜型ボトルキャップ「サムライボトル兜」がカッコいい! | 和雑貨 雑貨・インテリア -  Japaaan #戦国時代



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