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Super Spicy Mayonnaise Flavour Rice Crackers 45g x 9 Bags (each bag has 24~25 rice crackers)

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Perfect snacks for spicy food lovers! This product used Japan domestic habanero and domestic Hontaka chili peppers which gives you extra level of spiciness! Do you want to take the challenge? 

Content: 45g x 9 bags 

*Each bag has 24 ~ 25 individually packed rice crackers.

One bag weight: 45g

One bag size: 25×11.5×5cm

Expiration:  150 days

Storage method: Store away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity (normal temperature)

Ingredients: Glutinous rice (domestic), mayonnaise, salt, gang, protein hydrolyzate, pork extract powder, spices, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), sweeteners (kanzo, stevia), (part of the raw materials are eggs, pork, soybeans) * The manufacturing plant manufactures products using shrimp, wheat, milk, and sesame.




狂辛マヨおかき 一味マヨネーズ味 を食べてみた口コミは?販売店舗や通販・カロリー・値段・賞味期限や日持ちのまとめ - おみや

狂辛マヨおかき 一味マヨネーズ味 を食べてみた口コミは?販売店舗や通販・カロリー・値段・賞味期限や日持ちのまとめ - おみや