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[Nakai Mokko] Japanese Handcrafted Tatami Floor Chair - Foldable

[Nakai Mokko] Japanese Handcrafted Tatami Floor Chair - Foldable

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This is a Japanese-style wooden chair that can be easily folded and stored away. Its light weight and portability are its key features, making it a convenient choice for seating.

The edges of the chair are rounded to create a very smooth texture. It is also safe to use as it prevents injuries, giving you peace of mind.

This wooden Japanese-style folding chair is not only stylish, but also practical as it can be easily stored away. Its lightweight and compact design makes it a convenient choice for any room. The chair is made from high-quality wood, and features traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Add a touch of Japanese elegance to your home with this folding tatami chair. Perfect for those looking for minimalistic furniture options with a touch of Japanese aesthetic.

Content: 1 chair

Size:52.5 x 44 x 46cm  Thickness: 5cm

Weight: 3kg

Colour: Brown

Fabric material: Cotton

Coating: Urethane Coating (Eco Urethane Paint)

Made in Japan

Manufacturer: Nakai Mokko

Nakai Mokko was founded in a furniture production area 70 years ago, and their focus has been on "folding furniture".

Nakai Mokko is located in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, a nationally famous furniture production area. Fukuyama City is a furniture town located in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture with a 300-year history. It gained fame as a major production center for wedding furniture after World War II and still has dozens of small and large workshops today. The company was founded in 1946 and started producing wooden products starting with washboards, always following the motto of creating products that are in tune with the user's lifestyle. Later, they developed and produced original products such as chairs and recliners.


First, parts are made from the sawn timber. Initially, parts are made for each section of the bed or chair from the sawn timber. Using traditional machinery, each part is cut to shape, holes are drilled, screws are fastened, and each piece is carefully assembled one by one.



Each piece is hand-oiled one by one. For those finished with natural paint oil, each piece is hand-oiled and wiped off, and the process is repeated until the desired finish is achieved. It is important to wipe off the oil thoroughly, so all the work is done by hand to ensure the best results.

The final finish for the parts is electrostatic coating, which is also done one by one. The electrostatic coating is used to make the surface uniform and increase the strength of the coating. Each part is coated with paint, and then hung on the drying rails that are spread throughout the factory for slow drying. Finally, the parts are completed.


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