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[Wholesale] Japanese Kyoho Grape Jelly 11pcs (50 sets)

[Wholesale] Japanese Kyoho Grape Jelly 11pcs (50 sets)

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1 set = 11 pieces

Expiration: 90 days. 

Weight: ~30g for 1 piece of jelly

Ingredients: Kyoho fruit juice, sugar/gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), acidulant (citric acid), flavoring, colorants (yellow 4, yellow 5, red 2, blue 1, blue 2)

Caution: The juice will stain your clothes, please protect your clothes while consuming this product. Please do not eat the outer wrap!

*Use a toothpick or needle to poke the wrap, the jelly will pop out and enjoy! 

山梨・巨峰のひとくち玉ゼリー | おいしいお取り寄せ山梨・巨峰のひとくち玉ゼリー | おいしいお取り寄せ

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